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Teacher Designed Modules

Teacher Designed Module - Ice Cream Carnival

Across the network teachers are developing modules that support global competence, including college and career readiness.  Each month we are showcasing one of these modules, both in this newsletter as well as on the NING home page. 

This moth we are featuring “Ice Cream Carnival”, a high school Geometry module designed by Joshua Amstutz from The Academy of Global Studies at Winton Woods High School.

How can I use geometry to create a more efficient and effective product?  In this module students will understand and apply concepts involving Surface Area and Volume.  With this understanding students will design or redesign ice cream holding “vessels” in a more efficient way – saving cost and raising profits.

If you have a module you would like to share with the network please contact Kirk Melkonian or Lisa Tyrell


HAIS Students Travel Halfway Around the World to Give Back

For many students, spring break usually means vacation on the beach, a road trip across the country, or simply rest and relaxation at home. But students from the Houston Academy for International Studies spent their time away from school performing hands-on service learning projects in another country.

Twelve students and two teacher chaperones participated in the Rekha & Sudhir Puranik Foundation’s Impact India program. The program is based at the Puranik Foundation’s Vision International Learning Center, a rural English school that serves more than 80 impoverished primary and secondary students from villages around Pune, India. (continue reading)

Deering high school student's ideas on hunger and poverty

Freshmen at Deering High School have spent the past few weeks researching poverty and hunger in Maine and the United States.

The idea was presented to them at the end of February by Mayor Michael Brennan who says "Initiative for a Healthy and Sustainable Food System" members are exploring ways in which they can involve youth in issues related to hunger and food security in Portland.

The students created poster boards, PSAs and letters that will be sent to officials with their findings and ideas for change and hope to educate their peers and inspire others to get involved with this kind of research. (Watch video)

Global Issue Overviews

Globally significant issues are challenges faced by large numbers of people on different sides of national boundaries, are of significant direct or indirect concern to many countries of the world, and have implications 

that require a global response. Below are some Asia Society developed curriculum overviews for some of these issues, along with supporting resources for classroom exploration.

Performance Assessment Shells

Performance Assessments can be used with elementary, middle ad secondary students. Students communicate their understanding of globally significant issues through various ways. Below are Asia Society developed Performance Assessment Shells, including: Infographics, Position Papers, Public Speaking and Event Planning. Additional resources include a FAQs page and a Quality Rubric developed by SCALE.

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Global Competence Tool Kit

Performance Outcomes are the abilities students can demonstrate to prove their global competence. For each subject area and for global leadership, we provide a Tool Kit (performance outcomes, "I-Can" statements, and rubrics) to clarify global competency goals, and help students and teachers design, monitor and assess instruction and global learning.


The curriculum module design process supports teachers in developing high-quality performance tasks that address the ISSN performance outcomes.
Download the following documents to support you as you plan and design curriculum:

GPS Curriculum Module Planning Protocol

GPS Storyboard Template 

GPS Curriculum Module Overview Template "One-Pager"




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