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Teacher Designed Tasks

Teacher Designed Module - Urbanization

Urbanization - a World History module for High School Students designed by Meghan Sullivan from Oak Hills High School in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Module Overview

In this module, students investigate international trends in urbanization and analyze the worldwide benefits and negatives associated with it. Students also investigate and draw conclusions based on urbanization in Cincinnati, Ohio and participate in the United Nations World Habitat Day.

Oak Hills High School students participated in this Urbanization module last October.  The module was a success on many levels.  Not only did our students master the Ohio Learning Standards connected to the Industrial Revolution and urbanization, but they were also able to investigate urbanization trends on a global level.  They were asked to research worldwide patterns of urbanization and then compare and contrast them to Cincinnati, Ohio.  In order to form a stronger connection to the theme, students were taken down to the "Over the Rhine" area of the city and given tours of several historical buildings/areas.  The students' scores on the formative and summative assessments were higher than last year, they have connected in a new way with their own city and they now have a more personal interest in several world cities.

- Meghan Sullivan

How could you adapt this module to address urbanization in your city?

If you have a module you'd like to share with the network please contact Kirk Melkonian or Lisa Tyrel

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Capitalizing on Global Opportunities: 
 The Need for Cultural Awareness at Home and Abroad

On Nov 19th, students at Jackson High School International Academy had the opportunity to engage with professionals from a variety of corporations, non-profits, higher education institutions and government agencies. 

The goal of the event was for students to gain a better understanding of how knowledge of culture and language helps individuals in different careers. Students asked professionals questions such as, “In what ways have you, as a professional, seen the impact/effects of globalization?”, “What are some of the advantages/disadvantages of globalization?”, and “How can being multilingual expand business opportunities for an organization or job opportunities for an individual?”

Included in the program flyer is a list of participating organizations and questions students asked. The event included student speakers, a video address by Ohio Governor John Kasich. Mr. W.R. “Tim” Timken of The Timken Company provided the keynote address.

Congratulations to the Jackson High School community for facilitating this amazing event!

Introducing Fort Vancouver Center for International Studies

Fort Vancouver Center For International Studies is school new to the ISSN. Fort’s Center for International Studies develops students’ global competence by actively engaging students in all coursework to positively impact our world. All Fort students have access to a wide variety of globally-focused coursework including Contemporary Cultures in Literature, Exploring Foods, Mandarin, Model United Nations, Natural Resources and Conservation, AP Spanish Language and Culture, and Contemporary World Problems.  The Fort Vancouver High School Center for International Studies has a Travel Center where students can explore learning opportunities within the United States and internationally to broaden their perspectives and enhance their high school experience.  Students at Fort also have the option to earn an International Studies diploma through completing written and experiential projects, school and community service, and participating in cultural events along with their required coursework. Hear from the students and faculty in this video.

Global Issue Overviews

Globally significant issues are challenges faced by large numbers of people on different sides of national boundaries, are of significant direct or indirect concern to many countries of the world, and have implications 

that require a global response. Below are some Asia Society developed curriculum overviews for some of these issues, along with supporting resources for classroom exploration.

Performance Assessment Shells

Performance Assessments can be used with elementary, middle ad secondary students. Students communicate their understanding of globally significant issues through various ways. Below are Asia Society developed Performance Assessment Shells, including: Infographics, Position Papers, Public Speaking and Event Planning. Additional resources include a FAQs page and a Quality Rubric developed by SCALE.

Looking for ways to connect + collaborate?

Follow Asia Society

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Performance Outcomes + Rubrics

Performance Outcomes are the abilities students can demonstrate to prove their global competence. For each subject area and for global leadership, we provide a series of tools to clarify global competency goals, and help students and teachers document the contribution toward achieving those goals.

The “I Can Statements” are aimed at students, describing in first-person voice what he or she will be able to do in the benchmarked 5th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade years.

For each performance outcome an accompanying rubric lists specific evidence students must demonstrate as they progress towards global competency. This is a tool for both students and teachers alike.



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