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The Goals Project

The Goals Project is a free global collaboration project for all classrooms of the world. 

All K-12 classrooms of the world are invited to join!

In August, you will receive an email that shares (1) your team of 17 global classrooms and (2) your assigned classroom…

The Global Education Day Meetup at ISTE 2019

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Planning to attend ISTE?

Interested in meeting folks from the Global Education Conference community face-to-face?

This is the event for you!

Global Education Day will take place Sunday…

#WhySpeakChinese Video Contest to Win Tickets to China

Win a trip to China!

Do you know students (13 years old and older) learning Chinese?

Encourage them to enter Asia Society's #WhySpeakChinese social media contest!

The contest asks Chinese language learners to post a fun and creative 1-minute video about a memorable moment learning or speaking Chinese on social media (Instagram, Twitter,…

Re-imagining Migration Fellows Seminar 2019

What is the Fellows Seminar?

On June 27-29, 2019, Re-imagining Migration will gather a selected group of leading teachers, scholars and professionals in education working in schools, museums, after-school spaces and policy at the National Gallery of Art and The Smithsonian Institute, Washington, DC. The purpose of this convening is to inspire a global network of educational innovators…

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Monthly Newsletter, June 2019


More good news featuring ISSN schools . . . 

"Crestline first-graders interview Fort Vancouver teens, talk about power of change"

Don't miss this great article about Fort Vancouver High School students leading by example as part of their change-maker project.

Student Spotlight: Negest Tsegaye, graduating senior, Houston Academy for International Studies

On May 11, Negest Tsegaye gave a panel presentation on "The Social Media Path to Chinese" at the National Chinese Language Conference. Negest shared how learning Chinese, a study abroad trip to China, and her HAIS CTE Business Internship led her to start her own cosmetics line produced in China. Negest's products sold out in her first 2 weeks of sales in Ethiopia, and she now has products on sale in the U.S. as well.

On May 17, Negest graduated from Houston Community College with her Associate’s Degree. She will be attending the University of Georgia in Atlanta where she will major in Chemistry and minor in marketing.

Student Spotlight: Noah De La Paz, middle school student, International Studies Learning Center

Noah De La Paz and his father Jose De La Paz won the 2019 AI World Championship Technology Award for their "outstanding use of technology and demonstrating a strong understanding of AI (artificial intelligence) and its applications for the AI Family Challenge." Their invention isa dog deterrent device called Shoo.

Noah was coached by the amazing ISLC teacher, Ms. Shelia Buttle. He also had support from Principal Manzo, Judy Ahumada, and the Curiosity Machine/Iridescent Team who made it all possible. 


The Goals Project is a free global collaboration project for all classrooms of the world. Students will get to learn about all 17 Sustainable Development Goals and interact with students from 16 other classrooms around the world! Teachers should sign up this summer to be assigned to a team of global classrooms and receive their global goal. In the fall, students will create a small project to share information about their goal with the other teams and beyond.

The Global Education Day meetup will take place in conjunction with the ISTE Conference in Philadelphia on June 23.

***Additional resources, grants, and travel opportunities are listed here.***

Looking for ways to connect + collaborate?


Global Competence

What is Global Competence?

The idea of global competence articulates the knowledge and skills students need in the 21st century. Globally competent students have the knowledge and skills to:

Investigate the World

Globally competent students are aware, curious, and interested in learning about the world and how it works.

Recognize Perspectives

Globally competent students recognize that they have a particular perspective, and that others may or may not share it.

Communicate Ideas

Globally competent students can effectively communicate, verbally and non-verbally, with diverse audiences.

Take Action

Globally competent students have the skills and knowledge to not just learn about the world, but also to make a difference in the world.


ISSN’s Global Competence Performance Outcomes comprise a suite of curriculum design tools that express the teaching and learning targets for globally competent students. The Performance Outcomes are provided in six academic disciplines plus the interdisciplinary Global Leadership, and are available for grades 3, 5, 8, 10, and 12. These tools can be used to design learning units, lesson plans, and performance assessments around globally significant issues, as well as to enable student accountability for learning and to evaluate student work and provide meaningful feedback.


Asia Society's Module Design Process supports teachers in developing high-quality performance tasks addressing the ISSN performance outcomes. Download the following templates to support you as you plan and design instruction: 

Module Interview Protocol

Performance Assessment Storyboard Template

GPS Tuning Protocol

Sample Storyboard - Is Health a Human Right?

GPS Module Overview "One-Pager"

GPS Interview Protocol

Four Domains Diagram

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