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A message of farewell from Brandon Wiley

Dear Colleagues,

It is usually about this time of year that I send my "welcome back" message to all the ISSN school leaders, faculty and staff preparing for the new school year.  As it happens, some of our schools have already been in session for a few weeks, while many others kick-off this week or after the Labor Day holiday.  As I reflect on my time as an elementary and middle school teacher, I remember the butterflies while preparing for that first day: setting up my classroom, planning my opening day lessons and growing anxious to meet my new students.  That feeling never quite goes away even after all these years. Education, unlike many other professions, provides us a "fresh start" each year - full of promise, excitement and a chance for a new beginning... (continue reading)

Global Issue Overviews

Global issues are present in all areas of our lives as citizens of the world. Issues such as infectious disease, resource conservation, access to clean water, and population growth are interconnected and affect our economies, our environment, our capabilities as humans, and our processes for making decisions regarding cooperation at the global level.  As a resource to teachers and students, we've outlined these four issues into "Overviews" that include an introduction, enduring understandings, and essential questions.  These overviews can serve as instructional outlines to help you and your students investigate these issues.

Performance Assessment Shells

Performance Assessments can be used with elementary, middle, and secondary students - Students communicate their understanding of issues of global significance through various ways including: InfographicsPosition PapersPublic Speaking or Event Planning.

FAQs - Performance Assessments

Performance Assessment Quality Rubric (SCALE)

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Performance Outcomes + Rubrics

Performance Outcomes are the abilities students can demonstrate to prove their global competence. For each subject area and for global leadership, we provide a series of tools to clarify global competency goals, and help students and teachers document the contribution toward achieving those goals.

The “I Can Statements” are aimed at students, describing in first-person voice what he or she will be able to do in the benchmarked 5th, 8th, 10th, and 12th grade years.

For each performance outcome an accompanying rubric lists specific evidence students must demonstrate as they progress towards global competency. This is a tool for both students and teachers alike.



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