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Teacher Designed Modules

Teacher Designed Modules 

Across the network teachers are developing modules that support global competence, including college and career readiness.  Visit the Teacher Designed Module Page to see examples of the type of work engaging students across the network, and to get ideas for your instruction

If you have a module you would like to share with the network please contact Kirk Melkonian or Lisa Tyrrell

Latest Activity


ISSN Summer Institute, June 24/25, Los Angeles California

On June 24th and 25th, teachers and leaders from across the network met in Los Angeles to learn from each other and share best practices to advance our efforts as individuals and as a network to successfully develop globally competent students. Each participant brought unique and valuable insights, experience, and talent to this important work, as they shared, explored, discovered, connected, and ultimately returned to their schools inspired and equipped to further deepen their work.

During the Summer Institute there were opportunities to participate in a wide range of activities and workshops that added to their ‘global competence toolkit’ such as – an experiential learning project, meeting students from our Los Angeles and Oak Hills schools, engaging in practical workshops, swapping lesson plans with each other, becoming familiar with ISSN resources, and collaborating with the best experts in the country on integrating global competence in classrooms and schools!

At this 12th annual Summer Institute it was also our pleasure to introduce ISSN’s new Executive Director, Doug Sessions, whose impressive experience will certainly take ISSN on an exciting journey forward. 


Great LOL of China - Relevant, engaging, and fun

In recent years, China seems to be entering every facet of American life—we can hardly avoid the mention of it when we turn on the TV or flip through the headlines. Yet, for most Americans, China and its history, people, language, customs and culture, still seem remote and exotic. Understandably, many respectfully relegate the study of these subjects to experts and scholars.

We are proud to curate this video series, Great LOL of China, with Jesse Appell, Beijing's funniest American comedian, in order to bring to light the diverse yet unique aspects of Chinese people and society. Think of these as conversation starters; they won’t provide answers to all of your questions, but we hope they will pique your interest and lead to further inquiries and understanding about China, and all that it is reputed to represent.

A new video will be released every other week. Enjoy and pass it on!

Global Issue Overviews

Globally significant issues are challenges faced by large numbers of people on different sides of national boundaries, are of significant direct or indirect concern to many countries of the world, and have implications that require a global response. Below are some Asia Society developed curriculum overviews for some of these issues, along with supporting resources for classroom exploration.

Performance Assessment Shells

Performance Assessments can be used with elementary, middle ad secondary students. Students communicate their understanding of globally significant issues through various ways. Below are Asia Society developed Performance Assessment Shells, including: Infographics, Position Papers, Public Speaking and Event Planning. Additional resources include a FAQs page and a Quality Rubric developed by SCALE.

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Global Competence Tool Kit


Performance Outcomes are the abilities students can demonstrate to prove their global competence. For each subject area and for global leadership, we provide a Tool Kit (performance outcomes, "I-Can" statements, and rubrics) to clarify global competency goals, and help students and teachers design, monitor and assess instruction and global learning.


The curriculum module design process supports teachers in developing high-quality performance tasks that address the ISSN performance outcomes.
Download the following documents to support you as you plan and design curriculum:

GPS Curriculum Module Planning Protocol

GPS Storyboard Template 

GPS Curriculum Module Overview Template "One-Pager"




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