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Resources: Global Oneness Project

The Global Oneness Project offers free multicultural stories and accompanying lesson plans for high school. Their award-winning collection of films, photo essays, and articles explore cultural, social, and environmental issues with a humanistic lens. Aligned to National and Common Core Standards, curriculum content contains an…

Participate in OECD global benchmarking!

Helping students succeed at the global level requires new tools, one of which, is the OECD Test for SchoolsThis benchmarking tool is a no-stakes voluntary assessment based on…


Early Bird Registration is Open!

October 13–15, 2016 | Lowes Philadelphia Hotel | Philadelphia, PA

Please join us for this year's Global Education Forum, which will take place October 13-15 in Philadelphia with the theme "Learning With and From the World."

The Global…

Resource: Africa, Entry Points for Teaching

The thought of teaching about Africa can be overwhelming to teachers: so many countries, cultures, and challenges that it's difficult to know where to begin! Barbara Brown and Breanna Elliott, with Boston University's African Studies Center, share some ways to begin engaging students around this large and diverse…

Teacher Designed Modules

Teacher Designed Modules 

Across the network teachers are developing modules that support global competence, including college and career readiness.  Visit the Teacher Designed Module Page to see examples of the type of work engaging students across the network, and to get ideas for your instruction

If you have a module you would like to share with the network please contact Kirk Melkonian or Lisa Tyrrell

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Join Us for the Launch of the Center for Global Education!

Building on six decades of groundbreaking work, Asia Society is proud to announce the launch of our Center for Global Education (CGE)! The center will transform education to prepare young people for a global 21st century by bringing together the most influential educators, businesses, and government officials, commissioning research, publishing insights, and partnering with schools and education systems to change policy and practice.

Please join us on Thursday, September 22 at 10 am for a high-level panel discussion focusing on today’s most pressing global education topics. Speakers will include UNESCO Director-General Irina Bokova, Asia Society President and CEO Josette Sheeran, Asia Society Vice President for Education Anthony Jackson, and Felix Ruano, a Harvard Class of 2017 student and Gates Millennium Scholar who is a graduate of Ambassador School of Global Leadership.  Buy tickets »

If you are not in the New York area, please join us for a free live webcast of the event!

Immigration, Xenophobia, and Racism | Teaching Global Competence Using the 2016 Presidential Election


By Apoorvaa Joshi

With news covering the presidential election 24/7, it's difficult to parse the wealth of information in a meaningful way for the classroom. Asia Society's Apoorvaa Joshi digs through the information and provides ideas and strategies for using the 2016 presidential election to build students' global competence. Read on »

Additional resources:

Resource: One Million Data Points Tell a Cautionary Tale

Mapping the Nation is an interactive map that pulls together demographic, economic, and education indicators—nearly one million data points—to show that the United States is a truly global nation. This digital tool helps you find the global connections your county and state have to the rest of the world. Think about why these connections matter for business, policy, and education. The data is rich and can be used in many ways. Get started!

Global Issue Overviews and Performance Assessment Shells

Global Issue Overviews frame essential questions and enduring understandings for teachers and students as they strive for global competence. Overviews are curated knowledge about globally significant issues. They connect to the Performance Outcomes across a range of academic disciplines including math, science, history/social science, ELA, and more to demonstrate how competence can be achieved. Available topics include Hunger and Poverty, Education of Women and Girls, and Environment and Sustainability.

Performance Assessment Design Shells present complete examples of performance assessment ideas suitable for elementary, middle school, and secondary students. Each Design Shell contains a range of formative tasks and learning activities as well as the summative performance assessment task. Performance Assessment Design Shells suggest a variety of learner opportunities to succeed at real-world tasks requiring academic rigor, productive habits, and global awareness. Available topics include Business Plan, Digital Project, Engineering, and Infographic.

Looking for ways to connect + collaborate?


Global Competence Tool Kit


ISSN’s Global Competence Performance Outcomes comprise a suite of curriculum design tools that express the teaching and learning targets for globally competent students. The Performance Outcomes are provided in six academic disciplines plus the interdisciplinary Global Leadership, and are available for grades 3, 5, 8, 10, and 12. These tools can be used to design learning units, lesson plans, and performance assessments around globally significant issues, as well as to enable student accountability for learning and to evaluate student work and provide meaningful feedback.


Asia Society's Module Design Process supports teachers in developing high-quality performance tasks addressing the ISSN performance outcomes. Download the following templates to support you as you plan and design instruction: 

Module Interview Protocol

Performance Assessment Storyboard Template

GPS Tuning Protocol

Sample Storyboard - Is Health a Human Right?

GPS Module Overview "One-Pager"

GPS Interview Protocol

Four Domains Diagram


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