Thank You, ISA!

Many thanks to Principal Steve Magadance and the entire faculty, staff, and students at The International School of the Americas (ISA) in San Antonio, Texas for hosting our Fall Leaders' Seminar. Thirty-one leaders from across the country visited the school last week to experience ISA’s incredible program first hand. Highlights included visiting classrooms, speaking with students and teachers, and learning from the administrative team. The ISA community received valuable feedback about the wonderful work they are doing, and we are delighted so many ISSN school leaders had the opportunity to learn with and from our flagship school, ISA!

DCIS Senior Spearheading Student Voice and Leadership Program

Denver Center for International Studies (DCIS) Senior Jocelyne Arguelles was recently featured in a local news story about how she is helping lead the work of the Student Voice and Leadership network in Denver Public Schools. Read more.

Invitation to Attend the Deeper Learning Conference at a Discounted Rate

The Deeper Learning Conference is an annual gathering of powerful educators focused on creating more opportunities for students to learn deeply. DL2019 will take place March 27 - 29, 2019 in San Diego, California.

DL2019 is all about experiencing deeper learning for yourself and engaging with others to create more equitable schools around the globe. Through experiential deep dives, an interactive maker space, and intimate dens talks with powerful leaders, DL attendees will have opportunities to create, play and connect.

As a member of the Deeper Learning network, ISSN members are invited to attend the 3-day event at a discounted rate. Learn more.

Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools Program

The Fulbright Leaders for Global Schools Program will send one cohort of 10 K–12 school administrators to Finland for an intensive 10-day program to learn about best educational practices to enhance student learning and develop 21st century skills. Apply by December 13, 2018.

For Educators: Fully Funded Travel Program to Qatar and Oman in April

Global Exploration for Educators Organization (GEEO) is collaborating with Qatar Foundation International (QFI) and the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Middle East Studies to offer a fully funded travel program to Qatar and Oman this spring.

QFI is generously paying for international airfare, many of the meals, all activities and all hotels. Representatives from both QFI and UT Austin will co-lead and facilitate curriculum connections and discussions throughout the trip. Application opens November 1. Learn more.

For Students: Project: Change - Full Scholarship to Travel Abroad

Project: Change encourages youth to imagine and build a more sustainable world, one community at a time. In this spirit, 8th to 12th grade students are invited to propose a project idea that works toward one (or a few) of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in a relevant country in the AFS Global Prep network. The one grand prize winner and four runners-up will receive full scholarships for the AFS Project: Change Trip, a supplemented AFS Global Prep trip abroad to the country addressed in the grand prize winner's proposal. Applications are due November 25th. Learn more.

Free Curriculum from The Choices Program at Brown University, The Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding, Facing History and Ourselves, AFS-USA, Boston University, UCLA, and Harvard

Several global learning curriculum providers are currently offering some of their high-quality resources for free. Take a look and take advantage of the following free resources for teachers:

New on the Ning: Global CTE Toolkit

The Global CTE Toolkit provides resources to help CTE educators integrate global issues and skills into what is already being taught in their classrooms. The toolkit includes: sample projects ready to be used in CTE classrooms, global career planning resources, workforce readiness rubrics, crosswalks of global education and CTE standards, global career profile videos, talking points, and more.

New Global Issue Overviews and Performance Assessment Design Shells for 2018!

Global Issue Overviews frame essential questions and enduring understandings for teachers and students as they strive for global competence. Overviews are curated knowledge about globally significant issues. They connect to the Performance Outcomes across a range of academic disciplines including math, science, history/social science, ELA, and more to demonstrate how competence can be achieved. Topics new for 2018 include Emotional Intelligence, Free and Fair Press, and Forced Migration

Performance Assessment Design Shells present complete examples of performance assessment ideas suitable for elementary, middle school, and secondary students. Each Design Shell contains a range of formative tasks and learning activities as well as the summative performance assessment task. Performance Assessment Design Shells suggest a variety of learner opportunities to succeed at real-world tasks requiring academic rigor, productive habits, and global awareness. New for 2018 - Portfolio and Capstone for Elementary, Middle and Secondary Grades!

Graduate Profile

The goal of Asia Society's International Studies Schools Network (ISSN) is that every student graduates possesses the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind necessary to succeed in our 21st century global environment. Our mission is to give every student equal access to an excellent education that prepares them for the new global era. Visit the Graduate Profile to view the indicators for success!

Teaching for Global Competence in a Rapidly Changing World

We are pleased to announce that a new publication from the Center for Global Education at Asia Society and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD),Teaching for Global Competence in a Rapidly Changing World, was released at the Education World Forum in London on Monday, January 22.  This resource was created in partnership with the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).  As you may know, this year the OECD will launch a new assessment of global competence as part of PISA (Program for International Student Assessment). This new publication sets forward the PISA framework for global competence and the assessment, along with practical guidance for educators.

The publication sets forward a new framework for global competence developed by OECD for PISA 2018, which aligns closely with the definition developed by the Center for Global Education, and provides practical guidance and examples of how educators can embed global competence into their existing curriculum, instruction, and assessment.

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Global Competence

What is Global Competence?

The idea of global competence articulates the knowledge and skills students need in the 21st century. Globally competent students have the knowledge and skills to:

Investigate the World

Globally competent students are aware, curious, and interested in learning about the world and how it works.

Recognize Perspectives

Globally competent students recognize that they have a particular perspective, and that others may or may not share it.

Communicate Ideas

Globally competent students can effectively communicate, verbally and non-verbally, with diverse audiences.

Take Action

Globally competent students have the skills and knowledge to not just learn about the world, but also to make a difference in the world.


ISSN’s Global Competence Performance Outcomes comprise a suite of curriculum design tools that express the teaching and learning targets for globally competent students. The Performance Outcomes are provided in six academic disciplines plus the interdisciplinary Global Leadership, and are available for grades 3, 5, 8, 10, and 12. These tools can be used to design learning units, lesson plans, and performance assessments around globally significant issues, as well as to enable student accountability for learning and to evaluate student work and provide meaningful feedback.


Asia Society's Module Design Process supports teachers in developing high-quality performance tasks addressing the ISSN performance outcomes. Download the following templates to support you as you plan and design instruction: 

Module Interview Protocol

Performance Assessment Storyboard Template

GPS Tuning Protocol

Sample Storyboard - Is Health a Human Right?

GPS Module Overview "One-Pager"

GPS Interview Protocol

Four Domains Diagram

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